The Sense/Stage MiniBee is currently out of stock, new boards will be available again in March 2017. Read more about the new board on the Sense/Stage website.
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[the project]

The Sense/Stage project was a research-creation project between Concordia University and McGill University in Montreal, Canada. During this project the Sense/Stage hardware and software was developed, and used & tested in a variety of artistic projects and workshops.

[the shop]

The Sense/Stage webshop is maintained by Marije Baalman, as part of her one-man company nescivi in Amsterdam.

[the minibee]

The MiniBee, next to the smallest coins in the Netherlands (1 eurocent en the old

There are various other options available for an Arduino-based boards that interact with the XBee wireless chip, so here are the advantages of our design:

  • SIZE – our board is tiny: only slightly larger than the XBee chip itself.
  • To improve the interaction between the Arduino and XBee we have wired a couple of pins between the ATMega and the XBee chip for reliable serial communication and sleep control.
  • The board has a footprint for a coin cell battery holder.
  • We provide cross-platform software that allows you to wirelessly configure the MiniBee for common sensing and actuating applications. The SenseStage MiniBee comes with this firmware preprogrammed, so no programming is needed for common situations. On the other hand, the firmware can be customised for uncommon sensors, or more embedded applications.
  • The cross-platform software integrates with a framework for sharing data between many common applications, such as SuperCollider, Max/MSP, PureData and Processing, so that you can immediately use the data from your wireless sensing network in your usual programming environment.
  • The SenseStage MiniBee comes with a 3-axis accelerometer on board.
  • The SenseStage MiniBee runs at 12 MHz, and is thus faster than comparable size boards, allowing for higher baudrates.
  • The SenseStage MiniBee can be completely reprogrammed through a wireless connection (untested).

[the kit]

  • A complete set of SenseStage MiniBees, a coordinator board, and XBees to start connecting your sensors immediately.
  • All components preprogrammed to operate with each other.



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